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1. Keyboard shortcuts

In iOS, you can create keyboard shortcuts. These are great for converting “ttyl” to “talk to you later.” My favorite shortcut is my work and home address. For example, I have my house number as a shortcut to my address. Anytime I need to text someone my address I just send them the 5 numbers of my address and it autocorrects to my full address that includes City, State, and Zip Code.

Keyboard Shortcuts in iOSTo do this yourself first unlock your phone, then open the “Settings” app from your home screen, next open the “General” tab, navigate to the “keyboard” option, and open “Text Replacement.”

2. Create Custom Notification Vibration Patterns

If you’re like me and your ringer is off 24/7, then it’s very difficult to know who is texting or calling you. Fortunately, Apple has a solution for this. You can create custom vibration patterns with very long vibrations then heartbeats for your significant other or anything you like. Then when your phone is in your pocket or on your desk you know exactly who is texting or calling you.

Custom Vibration Patterns in iOSCreate custom vibration patterns if your iPhone by unlocking your phone, then open the “Phone” app from your home screen, click the “Contacts” tab at the bottom, next select the contact you want to add a custom vibration pattern to, click the “Edit” button at the top right, navigate to the “Vibration” option, and create your very own custom vibration pattern!

3. View your Past Locations

For those of you worried about being tracked etc you might want to skip this one, or better yet you may want to read this!

In iPhone, you have a very long location history that is turned on by default and unknown by most users. This is helpful when trying to see how often you work and when you’re at home etc. This helps create the notifications on your lock screen at specific times in the day giving you reminders on when to leave to work or other places. I work every day at 10 so my phone tells me around 9:45 to head to my office. This is done automatically when it notices patterns in your location history. However, this can be scary because when you view the data you can see everywhere you’ve been, yes everywhere.

View location History on iPhoneTo view your location history first unlock your phone, then open the “Settings” app from your home screen, next open the “Privacy” tab, open the “Location Services” tab, and scroll to “System Services” located at the bottom, then select the “Frequent Location” tab and select each city. Now you can see exactly where you’ve been, for how long, and at what time of the day.

Fortunately for those of you who are worried, you can shut this option off. From the existing screen just select the “Clear History” button, and then toggle the “Frequent Locations” option to the left.

4. Charge your iPhone Quicker with an iPad Charger

Most of us are on our phones a lot throughout the day and, unfortunately, battery life is unforgiving. By the time you get to a charger sometimes you only have so long to charge your phone. If you use an iPad adapter, then it charges your iPhone even faster than normal. To increase charging speed even further, turn on “Airplane Mode” and lock your device! I have noticed a significant improvement in charging time by using an iPad charger and airplane mode.

Charge iPhone faster with iPad Charger

5. Take Pictures While Recording Video

Woah something cool is happening! Quick take a picture, maybe take a video, I guess both! In iOS, you can take pictures while recording video. This helps capture those perfect moments not only in full-length video but as a picture as well!

Take pictures while recording in iOSNext time you’re recording a video just press the white circle next to the stop button and it will instantly capture an image without disrupting your video.

6. Backspace in Calculator

If you use your iPhone’s calculator a lot you might get very irritated when you press the incorrect number and realize you have to clear the calculator and start all over. A nice feature that Apple has included that many of us might not know is that there is a backspace “button.”

Backspace in Calculator on the iPhoneIf you have a few numbers in the calculator just swipe your finger from the right to the left at the top of the screen and it will delete one digit at a time. Now no more clearing and starting over!

7. Check Detailed Battery Usage

If your phone is dying quicker than you’d like you may want to view your detailed battery usage. This will show you what apps you use and how much of an impact they have on your battery life. A big portion of our battery goes to our screen, you can save a significant amount if you turn your brightness down.

Detailed Battery Usage in iOSTo view your detailed battery usage go to the “Settings” app, then open the “Battery” choice. This screen will show you the last 24 hours or last 7 days of battery usage. You can also view how long you were on each app by clicking the clock icon next to “Last 7 Days.”

8. Request Desktop Version of Website

We’ve all been to websites that have mobile themes but aren’t designed properly. Some of us prefer desktop themes compared to mobile. In iOS, it’s very easy to switch to a desktop thing. Navigate to the desired website and hold the refresh button at the top right of the screen. Then choose “Request Desktop Site.” Now you can have a desktop page from your iPhone!

Request Desktop Site on iOS

9. Share your Location with Friends

Stop texting your friends or family asking where they are every 5 minutes! Just have them share their location with you either temporarily or permanently. This is great when wanting to know when your friend is arriving at the destination. This can also be used is theme parks. If they don’t answer their phone you can track them and get pretty close to them. GPS is surprisingly accurate.

Share Current Location on iOSTo share your location first go to your text message conversation, then click “details” at the top right, and click “Share My Location.” Choose if you want it to be shared for an hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. Don’t Worry, this can be removed at any time!