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Matthew’s IT

Full Service IT and Computer Repair in Temecula, CA

What Makes us Unique?

At Matthew's IT, we understand the vital role technology plays in modern business operations. In today's world technology can be complex and overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Our team is dedicated to providing comprehensive IT solutions that simplify and streamline your technology experience. We strive to be your trusted partner in all things IT for all technological needs.

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Innovative Support Methods

At Matthew’s IT, We understand that every situation presents its own unique set of challenges. We provide efficient and effective solutions to address these challenges.

Why Do I Need Matthew’s IT as a Managed Service Provider in Temecula?

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Matt Garcia


Matthew developed a passion for electronics at a young age. He began by hooking up his family’s television equipment at the age of 6 and continued to explore his interest by disassembling and reassembling VCRs at the age of 9. As a freshman in high school, Matthew began repairing computers for friends and family. Realizing his hobby had the potential to become a career, in October of 2014, Matthew obtained a license and opened his first office location. In his free time, he likes to rock climb and go on adventures out of the city.

Tori Garcia

Admin / Client Relations

Meet Tori, the Office Administrator and Client Relations Manager for Matthew’s IT. Having a background in child development and a natural ability to connect with and understand others, Tori brings a unique combination of skills to the team. Tori is often referred to as the “empath” of the office, as her warm and caring nature makes her a great listener and a valuable resource for her colleagues. Tori’s positive energy and friendly approach make her a pleasure to work with and an invaluable asset to the team.


What services does your company offer?

Our company offers a wide range of IT services including network infrastructure design and implementation, cloud computing solutions, cybersecurity, data backup and recovery, camera systems, websites, phone systems and more.

What industries does your company serve?

We serve clients in a variety of industries including healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing.

How does your company ensure data security for clients?

We use a combination of techniques to ensure data security for our clients including firewalls, encryption, and secure data backup. We also regularly update and test our security measures to stay up-to-date with the latest threats.

Does your company offer support for clients?

Yes, we offer  support for our clients through a variety of channels including in-person, out-of-state, phone, email, and remote access.

How does your company handle project management?

We use a project management software to keep track of timelines, milestones, and budgets. We also assign a dedicated project manager to each project who is responsible for coordinating with the client and the development team.

What is your process for handling IT emergencies?

In the event of an IT emergency, we have a dedicated team in place to respond quickly and efficiently to assess the situation. We will then take the necessary steps to resolve the issue and minimize any potential downtime.

How do you stay current on new technologies and industry developments?

We invest a significant amount of resources in research and development to stay current on new technologies and industry developments. Our team regularly utilize training programs, research, and training so that we are providing our clients with the most up-to-date solutions.

Lets keep it simple

Computer repair to get you back up and running

Computer Repair

We take great pride in our work!

We want EVERY customer to have a fantastic experience and know that their money was well spent. Take a look at some words from our satisfied customers!

It was very easy to resolve my issue. Parts were either on hand or didn’t take long to come in. I was informed along the way to let me know how the repair was going and I feel like the repair was completed rather quickly. My computer has been working as expected with no issues. I will recommend Matthews Computer Repair to anyone I know who needs repair. Thank you!


Even though I chose not to have my laptop fixed, I was very pleased with the service provided by Matthew’s Computer Repair Center. The tech looked into the issue, made some recommendations and kept me informed. Additionally, I needed to recover my files in a flash drive as soon as possible the same day. The tech informed me that he needed to leave by 3:00pm, but called me to let me know the owner would be in the office later on that evening, and that he would give me a call to go pick up my flash drive. I picked up my flash drive and met the owner, who is very knowledgeable and professional.

I was very happy to have taken my laptop to Matthew’s Computer Repair Center. They are very professional and go above and beyond to deliver a great customer service experience.

From now on I will only be taking my computers/laptops to Mathew’s Computer.


We couldn't be happier with your service and I know we will be using you in the future. No questions right now, but bet on the fact that there will be some in the future!


At this point, I would not take my computer or any of my iPhones to anyone else. You'll see us again...hopefully not too soon!! Emoji



You did a great job and I am very happy. I have saved your card for another time.


Great service. You will definitely get my next business.


I was very happy with Matt’s help last month. He worked until he solved my issue.


Thanks for following up. The drive works good and I have gotten a second drive to backup as well. If I need anything else I will contact you.


Matt, Laptop works great, good service, fair price..and wife is happy:)..Thanks


Thank You for your help and checking in to make sure I was good to go with my electronics! Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and I will definitely check in with you when everything needs updating and tuning up 🙂


All is good. Thank you. I'm a customer for life because of the honesty.


Everything's great! If we have any computers that need repair in the future, we'll definitely call you.


Great job, timely manner! I’ll be back ?


My computer is now running great! Thank you!


Thanks, Matt.
It's always good to know you are available.
Everything is ok at this point.
Thanks again for you help. Take care.


Thank you for your great service. I am referring family and friends to you.


The computer is running great.
Thanks for all you did


Very pleased with computer repair. So fast, look forward to the monthly service.


Computer works like a charm. No issues here. Thank you so much for your service!


You have been a life saver.... Thank you very much


OK, thanks- so far so good! He notices the difference! THANK YOU, Matthew for the follow up and help! 🙂


OK, thanks- so far so good! He notices the difference! THANK YOU, Matthew for the follow up and help! 🙂


I have been a client of Mathew's IT and Computer Repair for eight years. The entire staff is knowledgable and responsive to the frustration that comes with computer issues. Their five-star service puts them at the top of the list. Matthew has a wealth of knowledge and can always resolve my computer and IT issues quickly and effectively and helps to keep my data safe. I am so glad I found this company all those years ago!