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What makes us so Awesome?

Technology doesn’t have to be difficult! Here at Matthew’s IT, we understand the everyday reliance on technology and how difficult business can be when things go south. We are set up to be your one-stop shop for all IT needs.

How we can help

Every situation is unique. We try and solve problems in the most efficient way possible. Our methods of help are highlighted below!

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We take great pride in our work! We want EVERY customer to have a fantastic experience and know that their money was well spent. Take a look at some words from our satisfied customers!

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Matthew Garcia

I started involving myself with electronics from a very young age. My passion started when I began by hooking up my family’s television equipment at the age of 6, then continued at the age of 9 when I began disassembling and reassembling VCRs. I started repairing computers for friends and family as a Freshman in high school. In August of 2014 I enrolled in college to expand my knowledge in the computer field as a Network System Administrator. I then realized I wanted to transform my hobby into a career, so in October of 2014 I became licensed and opened my first office location.


My computer is slow AND has viruses, will you charge me for a cleanup then call back to tack on virus removal?

Nope! We pride ourselves to help you as much as we can. We don’t split services to then force up-selling. Our focus is to combine necessary services together so you can know you are getting the quality you deserve at a price that does not break the bank!

Finding a good Computer Repair Company is like finding a good mechanic, why should I choose Matthew’s Computer Repair?

Matthew’s Computer Repair was founded to be an honest and trustworthy one-stop shop. We always care about our customers and get the job done correctly, the first time. Our client’s trust us as we are licensed, have an office location in Temecula, and have great Testimonials. We have awesome reviews! View our awesome Testimonials on Facebook, Yelp, and Google!

I have paid for Windows 7 and Microsoft Office before to then realize they were not genuine purchases from Microsoft, can you give me free or discounted software?

Matthew’s Computer Repair only uses Genuine Software that is always activated and licensed by Microsoft, this is very important when choosing a company to install your software.

These prices are very competitive, will I be meeting you at Starbucks or dropping my computer off at your home?

Absolutely NOT, we are licensed and have an Office Location which shows we are reliable and want to service your computer correctly and safely in our secured location!

With these prices so affordable, whats the catch?

There is no catch! We keep the price affordable because we care about volume! Every satisfied customer will refer ten of their friends and family. This allows us to service more people and expand our business.