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Structured Cabling is essential for a solid I.T. Foundation.

We install and manage server racks for small businesses from 1 employee up to 50 employees. Proper equipment and labeling means no more countless router reboots!

We label each jack as well as design a continuity plan best for your business that can include backup power, LTE internet failover, carrier-grade routing equipment and much more! We don’t break the bank but can still provide a solid and reliable network setup that best suits your needs.

Business-Minded projects that are non-invasive to your daily business operations.

We design each project with our clients needs in mind. We structure our projects to be as least-invasive to daily operations as possible. Some projects are done after-hours while some are done on weekends. We schedule internet and equipment switch-overs to a time where we will impact the least amount of employees and always have a backup plan.

We treat your business as our own and implement our I.T. knowledge and expertise in a way that makes us seamless and part of your team! We integrate and work directly with internet vendors which means less phone calls for you to make and less scheduling/ downtime on your part!