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We notice most of our clients do not have a backup battery solution for their current phone system and most clients host their telephone service with their internet provider. In either case you would still lose phone if your power is out. We do have backup battery solutions starting at $50 to allow hours of phone calls with no power required. Our Enterprise VoIP Service includes Find Me/Follow Me which means if your desk phone goes offline for ANY reason, lost power or no internet etc, each extension will forward to your cellphone.

We abide by all laws and phone system standards so a 911 form is required and installed in each location with our phone system. This means that from any location if you dial 911 they will know your address and all required information!

Most internet and phone providers are switching over to VoIP even if you don’t realize it. These services normally include call waiting and voicemail and that’s it! Ours comes with hundreds of additional features! If you do want to still use your existing system we have conversion kits that allow you to have 2 lines for just $75. Then you will be able to have all of our enterprise quality features plus more with your existing phone system!


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